County Judge Sarah Eckhardt Marks First 100 Days in Office

On Thursday, April 9, County Judge Sarah Eckhardt marks her first 100 days in office. Through her experience on the Commissioners Court and relationships across the community and region, she is already making substantial progress on the issues that matter most in Travis County.

Find out what County Judge Sarah Eckhardt has been doing in her first 100 days:

1. Planning & Budgeting
Expanding economic opportunities and ensuring affordability have been top priorities for Judge Eckhardt. Already, all County departments have undergone thorough review, and under Judge Eckhardt’s leadership have begun a robust, long-range planning process that will allow Travis County to efficiently deliver services to more people.

2. Optimizing Ourselves
Judge Eckhardt has prioritized conducting a full-spectrum review of Travis County’s capacity to deliver effective, efficient and fair infrastructure to its residents. This department-by-department study will afford Judge Eckhardt the ability to lead the County by the most efficient and effective course, optimizing services and minimizing waste – an essential ingredient in keeping Travis County affordable and effective..

3. Creating Opportunity
We understand that the long-term success of the County is based on making opportunities accessible to all residents and investing in the economic development, infrastructure and workforce development for our residents in eastern Travis County. The Judge is working with her colleagues to create consistent affordable housing policy and work sessions in precincts to bring these ideas and policies to the people they are meant to serve.

4. Tackling Transportation
Judge Eckhardt appoints to and serves on the boards (CTRMA and CAMPO) that authorize long and short-term transportation solutions. She is working with the Travis County legislative delegation this session to create local options for transit as well as working toward a 40-year plan for the region.

5. Working On Water
Judge Eckhardt is working regionally – across party lines and county lines – on water issues. It is important to understand what water we have access to as a region and what we can do to preserve and protect it.

6. Clean Energy Initiative
Travis County was the first county in the state to adopt the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. PACE unlocks considerable amounts of private funding for clean energy projects. The Environmental Defense Fund and local businesses are working together to outfit commercial properties with energy saving solar panels.

7. Expanding Health Care Access
Travis County taxpayers invested in Central Health and a new medical school. Judge Eckhardt is actively working to ensure that these investments result in greater access and the full spectrum of care for Travis County residents that need it the most. To that end, Travis County has completed work on a new healthcare clinic in Dove Springs.

8. Meeting With “The Big 6”
Judge Eckhardt has started a dialogue with fellow County Judges from Dallas, Bexar, Harris, Tarrant, and El Paso counties, nicknamed “The Big 6.” The Big 6 counties are the economic engine of the state and represent a large swath of the population. Unlike our more ideological counterparts in the Texas Legislature, the Big 6 have healthcare to provide, courthouses to build, and are actually responsible for where the rubber meets the road.

9. Leading On Justice & Immigration
Judge Eckhardt has prioritized bringing Travis County in full compliance with President Obama’s executive order ending the Secure Communities immigration program and enacting the Priority Enforcement Program, and is leading the charge to ensure that the County’s duty to deliver fair and just treatment for the incarcerated, particularly the right to visitation, is not infringed upon by economic incentive.

10. Connecting The Community
Judge Eckhardt remains as committed as ever to setting aside time to meet with her constituents and talk about ideas for the County over a cup of coffee. These “Coffee Jolts” are held monthly at cafes and coffee shops spanning all of Travis County, so you can bet there’s one coming up not far from you! The next Jolt will be held at Zetroc Kaffee from 6:30 to 8:00pm on April 23rd in Manor, TX. Everyone is invited, and we sincerely hope to see you there!

Join Judge Eckhardt and supporters on Thursday, April 9th to celebrate her First 100 Days at Haymaker, 2310 Manor Road, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Details are on Facebook.