Bamboozle Alert: Sarah Eckhardt Chose to Be the Lowest-paid Travis County Commissioner

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In an ad and on a web site, The Travis County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Association PAC (TSCLEA PAC) has launched a false attack on Sarah Eckhardt in retribution for her opposition to a huge, unwarranted pay raise for deputies in 2012.


Narrator: Wouldn’t you like to give yourself a raise like politician Sarah Eckhardt did?
Text: Voted Three Times to give herself a $3000 raise
Narrator: She voted herself a raise three times during a recession but voted no to raises for police.
Narrator: Sarah Eckhardt. Taking Care of herself. Not those who take care of us.


The ad’s two central charges are lies. Below is a breakdown of how the TSCLEA PAC is ignoring the truth.

LIE # 1: Voted three times to give herself a $3,000 raise.

THE FACTS: Eckhardt didn’t vote for the salary increases two times and was paid less than the other commissioners 2008-13.

Eckhardt’s pay increased less than 6% over six years while other Commissioners’ pay increased by 17.6%. Here are the year-by-year facts.

  • 2007: Eckhardt received the same pay as other commissioners.
  • 2008: Eckhardt rejected a pay increase. She voluntarily kept her pay $3,768 lower than other commissioners.
  • 2009: Eckhardt rejected a full increase. When the county overpaid her due to an accounting error, Eckhardt wrote a check to reimburse taxpayers $3,463.
  • 2010: Eckhardt cut her pay and received $7,296 less than the other commissioners.
  • 2011: Eckhardt rejected the full increase and kept her pay $3,550 lower than other commissioners.
  • 2012: Eckhardt kept her pay $3,550 lower than other commissioners.

LIE #2: …no to raises for police.

THE FACTS: The state’s highest paid deputies were already well cared for.

A 2012 survey of the state’s major metros showed that Travis County deputy sheriffs and corrections officers were the highest paid in Texas. Yet, the Association demanded an 11.2% raise.

Supporting a modest increase, Eckhardt voted against the raise because it was thought it was unfair to other county employees who only got a 3.5% raise.


The association is backing Andy Brown, the candidate who doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to them. In fact, Brown has zero experience with law enforcement issues.


The deputies don’t want someone in charge who will consider what’s right for all county employees and all of the taxpayers.

As a County Commissioner, Eckhardt repeatedly supported the needs of all first responders and for making sure the county maintained effective law enforcement and firefighting services.


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