Bill Oakey: Why Not Support Sarah Eckhardt?

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Published online by the Austin Chronicle on October 8, 2013.

Dear Editor,
I strongly urge the Chronicle to do an early report on the differences between the two Democrats running for Travis County judge [“Eckhardt Father and Daughter Day at Scholz,” News, Oct. 4]. Another approach might be to interview some of the high-profile players from both the Sarah Eckhardt and Andy Brown camps.
In my entire 42 years in Austin, I have never witnessed a more puzzling split among local progressives. I fail to understand why there is even a contest here. When did it become fashionable to toss away a hardworking, proven leader like Sarah Eckhardt? Not to mention that she might just be the gosh-darned smartest person we’ve ever had on the court. Doesn’t experience matter?
I’ve probably attended a couple of hundred political events here, and the unspoken jitteriness of supporters in this race is unprecedented. The Chronicle should try to unravel it, and do it sooner rather than later. I’d love to know who will speak on the record about why they would pass up the opportunity to elect the first woman as Travis County judge. My secret hope is that once in the voting booth, their collective conscience will direct them to do exactly that.

Bill Oakey
Bill Oakey is a community activist and the author of the blog

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