Brown Drops COTA Chair From Supporter List! But He’s Keeping the COTA-Related Money

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Austin, TX – Andy Brown must be feeling the heat after questions were raised about the major support he is receiving from Circuit of the Americas investors, lobbyists and boosters.
Shortly after a media story about the racetrack and Brown came out Friday, COTA Chairman Bobby Epstein was suddenly removed from Brown’s online public supporter list. Epstein had been listed as a supporter for several months, and, like billionaire car dealer Red McCombs, is a major track investor.
“Circuit of the Americas money and support are racing into Andy Brown’s campaign, and now he’s clumsily trying to hide it,” said Nick Hudson, Sarah Eckhardt’s Campaign Manager. “I think it tells voters a lot about Mr. Brown’s ethics and transparency that he dropped Epstein from his list but kept thousands of dollars from COTA backers.”
Brown has received contributions from businesses, lobbyists, and boosters associated with COTA. They include:
  • Armbrust & Brown PAC — COTA’s city hall lobbyist’s lawfirm gave $1,000.
  • Gary Farmer — The major track advocate, host committee member and Republican donor gave $2,500.
  • Carla McDonald — The COTA host committee member gave an in-kind contribution of $5,694.12.
Other Key Facts
  • COTA recently convinced the Commissioners Court to spend millions in tax dollars to build a new road to the track.
  • In a widely distributed letter, COTA’s top investor, Red McCombs, upbraided Commissioner Bruce Todd for suggesting that the money for the road would be better spent on helping flood victims.
  • COTA is suing the Travis Central Appraisal District to lower its property tax valuation, which will in turn reduce its property tax bill.
“Apparently, the COTA backers think Brown will give them what they want, unlike Sarah who opposed millions in tax giveaways to the Formula One track when she served on the Commissioners Court,” Hudson continued. “The track may have Brown, but the people will have Sarah Eckhardt.”


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