Eliot Shapleigh’s “Getting Out of Grover’s Tub”

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Please read retiring Senator Eliot Shapleigh’s “Getting Out of Grover’s Tub,” an incisive and unbridled indictment of a State government in lock step with Grover Norquist’s philosophy that government must be shrunk to a size that can be easily drowned in a bathtub. Senator Shapleigh includes case studies of the Norquist philosophy as applied in Texas state government. The full text can be found at http://shapleigh.org/grovers_tub.

The result of the Norquist philosophy is government by corporation of an uneducated population living with dirty air and water, without access to health care, justice, tolled roads or the jobs they lead to. When government is privatized, there will be no one to “vote out.” Our Democracy will be drowned in “Grover’s bathtub” along with the government he and his disciples so despise.

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