BAMBOOZLE ALERT! Andy Brown is the only candidate taking Formula 1 money in the race for Travis County Judge

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moneySarah Eckhardt has not taken a dime from Formula 1 lobbyists during the race for Travis County Judge. Yet her opponent, Andy Brown had the gall and desperation to launch a false new attack on Sarah Eckhardt, accusing her of receiving track-related money during the race.

Don’t be bamboozled by Brown!

Eckhardt has not received any money connected to Formula 1 since she began her race for Travis County Judge on May 1, 2013. Sarah Eckhardt received track-related money in the past, but she ignored the contributions and built a record of voting against tax handouts to benefit the racetrack. Meanwhile, Andy Brown refuses to publicly state whether he supports tax giveaways to the Formula One Racetrack, and he has taken nearly $10,000 from lawfirms and people closely connected to the racetrack.

Andy Brown has a history of distorting the facts to score political points. Travis County deserves a leader it can trust to tell the truth, stand up to powerful interests like Formula 1, and fight for economic security and opportunity for everyone. The Austin Chronicle editorial board was right when it endorsed Sarah Eckhardt, citing her demonstrated willingness to oppose tax giveaways to big corporations and writing “…voters would be wise to elect a county judge with a backbone.”

Here are the complete facts:

  • FACT: On April 17, 2012, then-Commissioner Eckhardt voted against spending tax dollars to build new roads for the Formula 1 track.
  • FACT: As a private citizen on 9/9/13 and 9/17/13, Sarah attended Commissioners Court meetings and urged the court to not spend tax dollars on roads for the track.
  • FACT: Sarah denounced track owner Red McCombs for lashing out at Commissioner Bruce Todd for stating that the road money would be better spent on road recovery.
  • FACT: In 2012 and 2013, Sarah received seven contributions totaling $7,500 from individuals and a PAC that can be connected to the track.
  • FACT: Texas has a resign-to-run rule that requires a County Commissioner, such as Sarah, to resign her seat when she announces for another office.
  • FACT: Sarah became a candidate for County Judge and resigned on May 1, 2013.
  • FACT: Her announcement occurred after the last of the seven contributions had been made.
  • FACT: She has received no money from track interests since her May 1 announcement.
  • FACT: Travis County voters recently received a mail piece that falsely accused Eckhardt of receiving track-related money as a candidate for County Judge.
  • FACT: The mailer also contained a Facebook photo and claimed it showed a track lobbyist as an attendee and contributor at an Eckhardt fundraiser.
  • FACT: Facebook shows the photo was taken April 17, before Sarah became a County Judge candidate.
  • FACT: Brown has never publicly stated whether he is for or against spending tax dollars for roads to the track and will only say they would put the issue on the ballot.
  • FACT: As a candidate for County Judge, Brown has received $9,574 from a PAC and five individuals connected to the track

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