Faith Action for Women in Need Endorses Sarah Eckhardt: “Sarah is a Democratic woman in the mold of Wendy Davis”

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Sarah Eckhardt is honored to receive the endorsement of Faith Action for Women in Need (FAWN), A faith-based organization that supports full-spectrum women’s healthcare! From their Facebook Page:

Our current County Judge, Sam Biscoe, is asking relevant questions about the budget of Central Health. We will need that type of oversight and transparency going forward in this 60-year relationship that costs taxpayers $35 million a year and compromises women’s healthcare. I have spoken at length with Sarah, and trust her to keep inquiring about these relationships and how they can be made better.

Sarah is a Democratic woman in the mold of Wendy Davis. She takes a bold stand and keeps asking questions, no matter what. This is a tough fight she’s in, and she’s the underdog. Please stop by her website, endorse her, and consider volunteering for her campaign. Women don’t need someone who makes deals behind closed doors, we need someone who will put healthcare first…

Thanks to Cindy Noland and the folks at FAWN!

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