Our Efficient Future

County government in Texas plays a unique and vital role in making sure all our public services work together and work well. As executives with direct hands-on authority over county operations, the Commissioners Court — and especially the County Judge — have significant influence over the taxes we all pay and the return we all get on that investment. While Travis County continues to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations, we still have work to do — especially when it comes to the critical services that keep our county safe and secure.
What Sarah Believes
Sarah stands for a more efficient future in which Travis County’s public services — especially our law enforcement, fire, flood and emergency medical systems — work cooperatively with the communities they serve to protect life and property no matter where that protection is needed. We have the best law enforcement and emergency responders in the state. We need courageous leadership who can honestly discuss social and geographic disparities, the escalating costs of public services, and the best ways to improve the return on the people’s investments.
What Sarah’s Done
  • Championed better coordination of emergency and disaster responseafter the catastrophic Labor Day 2011 wildfires, including creating a centralized emergency communications team to bring together and promptly share accurate information from the more than two dozen local agencies who mobilize when disaster strikes.
  • Advocated for transparent and performance-based budgeting and contracting to achieve the best and most cost-effective government services.
  • Supported increased transparency and accountability by moving Travis County government online with paperless agendas for Commissioners Court proceedings and publishing the county code on the Web.
  • Spearheaded a new Travis County Intergovernmental Relations Office to collaborate with local, regional and state government to improve our collective efficiency and effectiveness.