Our Healthy Future

More than one in five Travis County residents has no health insurance. Nearly one-fifth of our adult population is obese. We have the highest suicide rate of any major county in the state, and our state has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the nation.  Leaders at every level of government, and throughout the community, need to work hard and work together to turn these numbers around — with access to affordable quality care and by promoting safe, healthy, stable communities where everyone has a home where they can grow and prosper.
What Sarah Believes
Sarah stands for a healthier future where we all have access to affordable, full spectrum health care, including mental health and reproductive services, and to safe housing at a reasonable price in healthy, high-quality neighborhoods. We need local leadership that can coordinate a multi-pronged effort to improve outcomes for all Travis County residents.
What Sarah’s Done
  • Championed improved access to community and emergency behavioral health services, advocating for the swiftest possible transition away from housing the mentally ill in jail and supporting programs to create supportive housing, community drug treatment, and other services for those with mental illness.
  • Supported expansion of the healthcare safety net alongside the county’s partners in sustaining a healthy community, including the City of Austin, Central Health, and CommUnityCare.
  • Protecting the environmental health of our community with measures to improve air quality, protect water quality, promote walkability and preserve green space, and support a safer transportation system.