Our Just Future

We can have economic prosperity for everyone in Travis County. Companies will come here, and our residents will have jobs, if we raise a healthy and educated workforce, protect the social safety net for low and middle-income families, protect our tax base, build the infrastructure needed to move people and products, and ensure county government runs efficiently, effectively, and fairly.

Too many Travis County residents struggle just to make ends meet. In a region with resources as abundant as ours, there is no reason for poverty levels like ours. Achieving shared economic prosperity will not be easy, though. Travis County needs a proven leader with experience, courage, and heart to get us there.
What Sarah Believes
Sarah stands for a more socially just future in which coordinated and efficient regional governance in the public interest produces economic opportunity and quality of life for all of us. Travis County can be the framework that spurs collaboration between the many public and private interests in our community to produce the greatest prosperity for the greatest numbers at the lowest cost, for this generation and generations to come.
What Sarah’s Done
  • Fought to level the playing field for Travis County taxpayers — opposing expensive, unnecessary giveaways for Apple and Formula One and mansion owners, protecting homestead exemptions for seniors, and establishing the Travis County Tax Team to relieve the burden of county property taxes on those least able to afford them.
  • Ensured fair wages for construction workers on projects that receive county tax incentives — crafting a model policy that helps everyone share in the benefits from Central Texas’ prosperity.
  • Supported expanded public defender services, including the Offices of Parent and Child Representation and the Mental Health Public Defender’s Office
  • Supported specialized courts to repair lives and families while reducing repeat offenses of DWI, public intoxication, drug use, and family violence
  • Advocated for expanding the social safety net, including workforce training, after school programs, summer youth programs, rent and utility assistance, mortgage down payment assistance, and child care for the most vulnerable Travis County residents.