Our Mobile Future

With 100 people moving to Central Texas every day, our transportation challenges continue to get worse. Traffic is a lot more than just an annoyance; our mobility problems are putting our quality of life, environmental resources, and economic opportunity at risk.
As vice-chair of the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) — the arbiter of regional transportation policy in Central Texas — and a member of CAMPO’s Transit Working Group, Sarah has led the charge for balanced, affordable transportation choices that benefit everyone who needs to get around Travis County.
What Sarah Believes
Sarah stands for a more mobile future in which a fair, efficient and affordable mix of sidewalks, bike lanes, buses, rail and roads are available to all as we move from home to work, school, or play. We need experienced local leadership to increase our transportation options without breaking our backs with property tax increases, giving away value to developers and out-of-town investors, or promoting further sprawl that makes our mobility problems worse.
What Sarah’s Done
  • Sarah championed the new CAMPO regional growth concept — derived from the work of Envision Central Texas — that aims to invest in better mobility in established and emerging community centers, rather than using our scarce funds to promote continued sprawl.
  • Sarah has taken the lead in making sure that Central Texas toll roads are managed fairly and provide revenue that supports better mobility for everyone in Travis County. She wrote, passed, and defended the Toll Road Covenants at CAMPO that protect taxpayer and toll-payer interests and allow for future investments in transportation choice.
  • Sarah worked on multiple fronts to increase our transportation funds — from leveraging toll road dollars, to advocating for local-option plans at the Texas Legislature, to proposing partnerships with companies like Apple Computer to build out our future transit system
  • Sarah efficiently managed transportation projects in Precinct 2, including the first two phases of the Wells Branch Parkway extension, the expansion of Gattis School Road, and the Travis County portion of the Pecan Street improvements in Pflugerville.
  • Sarah has consistently supported alternative commute options — through programs available to Travis County employees, through policy choices at CAMPO and through her personal transportation choices as a frequent bicycle commuter.