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Friends and Supporters —

Early Voting in the Democratic Primary starts Tuesday, February 18, and now is the time that I most need your help to spread the word and let your friends know that I have your support in the race for Travis County Judge.

My campaign team has prepared the following information to make it easy for you to send along to your friends:

Please share this link with your networks and help them make an informed decision.

Corporate interests and political insiders aren’t going to decide this election. You are.

Thanks for all you’re doing!



About Sarah Eckhardt

Sarah Eckhardt has 15 years’ experience in public service working for Travis County residents. After 8 years in the County Attorney’s office, she was elected twice to the Commissioners Court representing Precinct 2, where she built up a tremendous record of progressive policy accomplishments:

  • Increased the senior citizen and disabled resident property tax exemption to $70,000
  • Established the Travis County Tax Team to relieve the tax burden on those least able to afford them
  • Negotiated a $3.5 million settlement with polluters of Hamilton Pool, which paid to clean it up
  • Chosen by elected officials across five counties to serve as vice-chair of CAMPO, the regional transportation planning organization
  • Voted to concentrate transportation funding to support existing communities instead of promoting sprawl
  • Advocated for transparent and performance-based budgeting and contract awards
  • Championed a new Travis County Intergovernmental Relations Office to collaborate with local, regional, and state governments to improve efficiency and effectiveness

Read and learn more about Sarah Eckhardt’s tremendous accomplishments here.

Endorsed by the Statesman, Austin Chronicle, Sierra Club, and More!

Sarah Eckhardt was endorsed by the Austin American-Statesman, who write that “Sarah Eckhardt is the best person for the job.” Click here to read the full endorsement.

The Austin Chronicle endorsed Sarah as well, writing that she “has also clearly articulated progressive goals for the whole region on matters like transportation and the environment.”

Sierra Club, the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization, also endorsed Sarah, stating that “Eckhardt promises action on major issues facing this rapidly growing county.”

The Burnt Orange Report backs Sarah as well, writing thatEckhardt would make the far better Travis County Judge.”

She has also been endorsed by a broad and diverse coalition of organizations, including the Pflugerville Professional Firefighters Association (IAFF Local 4137), LIUNA Local 753 Laborers’ Union, Mexican American Democrats, Yellow Dog Democrats, Capital Tejano Democrats, and many community leaders across Travis County.  

These independent voices reaffirm that Sarah Eckhardt is, on the merits, the best choice for Travis County Judge. 

What Does The County Judge Do?

Travis County Judge isn’t a robe-wearing, gavel-wielding judge. The judge is the chief executive of Travis County government, sets the agenda for the Commissioners Court, and signs every county contract. 

It’s a big job, and Travis County deserves a county judge with a record of putting our progressive values into practice in local government. 

To help explain the complexities of the job, our campaign put together an infographic detailing what the county judge does, and contrasting the relative experience of the two candidates:

Sarah Needs Your Vote In the Democratic Primary

This race will be won or lost in the Democratic Primary. Sarah needs your support to become Travis County’s first female County Judge. Texas has open primaries, so any voter can choose to vote in the Democratic Primary and cast a ballot for Sarah Eckhardt. 

voteEarly Voting runs Tuesday, February 18 through Friday, February 28th. Click here for a map of locations. 

Election Day is Tuesday, March 4th. This year, voters can vote at any election day polling location. When you see a sign that says “Vote Here,” vote there! 

The Photo ID law is in effect, so you will need to bring a state-issued voter ID. Click here for more information. 

Can we count on your support in the Democratic Primary? Let us know! Click here to pledge to vote for Sarah!

Sarah Eckhardt is simply the more experienced candidate in the race for Travis County Judge. She needs your help if she’s going to win this close, competitive Democratic Primary. 


Help Spread The Word! 

Please send this link to fifteen friends or share it on Facebook and make sure people know who the more experienced candidate is in the Democratic Primary for Travis County Judge. You can and will make a difference in this race. 

Thanks for all of your support!

Team Eckhardt

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