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Being a good parent isn’t easy for anyone, but it’s the most important job we have. I strive each day to be a better mother, and I think my experience as a parent has made me a better public servant while working at the County Attorney’s Office and representing Precinct 2 on the Commissioners Court.

I took a summer vacation with my husband, Kurt and our children, Hank and Nadine. We visited other countries because Kurt and I feel strongly that our children should have a sense of the world and their place in it. By experiencing different cultures, being surrounded by languages foreign to their ears, and seeing history and art that they have only read about, their view of themselves and others has been broadened.

As a working parent, I have missed a few too many soccer games and girl scout meetings. But I would not have missed this experience with my children for anything in the world. If my priorities make me unsuitable for public office, I fear for my government.


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