What We Stand For

Sarah stands for a more efficient future in which Travis County’s public services — especially our law enforcement, fire, flood and emergency medical systems — work cooperatively with the communities they serve to protect life and property no matter where that protection is needed. We have the best law enforcement and emergency responders in the state. We need courageous leadership who can honestly discuss social and geographic disparities, the escalating costs of public services, and the best ways to improve the return on the people’s investments. (read more…)

Sarah stands for a greener future in which the natural beauty and character of our environment is valued and preserved. Effective stewardship of our water, air and biological diversity requires we prepare the way for growth only to the extent that we have the resources (natural and financial) to accommodate it. We need experienced local leadership who can confidently represent environmental interests in a marketplace, legislature and courts that are often dismissive or hostile to environmental stewardship. (read more…)

Sarah stands for a healthier future where we all have access to affordable, full spectrum health care, including mental health and reproductive services, and to safe housing at a reasonable price in healthy, high-quality neighborhoods. We need local leadership that can coordinate a multi-pronged effort to improve outcomes for all Travis County residents. (read more…)

Sarah stands for a more socially just future in which coordinated and efficient regional governance in the public interest produces economic opportunity and quality of life for all of us. Travis County can be the framework that spurs collaboration between the many public and private interests in our community to produce the greatest prosperity for the greatest numbers at the lowest cost, for this generation and generations to come. (read more…)

Sarah stands for a more mobile future in which a fair, efficient and affordable mix of sidewalks, bike lanes, buses, rail and roads are available to all as we move from home to work, school, or play. We need experienced local leadership to increase our transportation options without breaking our backs with property tax increases, giving away value to developers and out-of-town investors, or promoting further sprawl that makes our mobility problems worse. (read more…)