Once Again, Sarah Eckhardt Earns the Endorsement of the Austin Chronicle

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Once again, Sarah Eckhardt has received the endorsement of the Austin Chronicle a in the race for Travis County Judge — this time for the 2014 November General Election!

From the Austin Chronicle:

After a sometimes bitter primary battle, Eckhardt has begun to mend fences across the county and also look forward to next year’s policy matters. She has, for example, suggested a potential compromise on the city’s dispute with the Travis County Sheriff’s Secure Communities program; it likely won’t satisfy S­-Comm enthusiasts, but it could mean saving money for the city if it moves forward on an alternative booking procedure that would magistrate non­-felony arrests in separate (but not newly constructed) facility. And she has prioritized affordability and environmental issues important to county voters. We’re waiting to see how all this will work in practice in the county’s notoriously hidebound procedures, ­­but as a candidate, Eckhardt is a far better choice than her Republican and Libertarian rivals.

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