Sarah Eckhardt’s Statement On The End Of The Government Shutdown

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Sarah Eckhardt released the following statement today in response to the end of the federal government shutdown:

Like many Americans, I woke up this morning to the news that the United State Congress has opted not to further destabilize the world economy and do decades of damage to our own financial well being – at least for now. Partisan brinksmanship is dangerous. Some extreme partisan officials asserted that the shutdown would lead to no ill affects either at home or overseas.  They were baffled by the connection between federal funding and actual services to veterans, tourists, patients, widows, and on and on. The takeaway for me is that many of our elected leaders simply don’t know what the federal government actually does.  

If we allowed Travis County to be led by the same kind of rudderless, uninformed leadership, we too could feel the sting of an interruption of road repair, closed parks, and the absence of key personnel such as corrections officers, courthouse management, and direct service providers. Interests across the spectrum would be harmed. But, ordinary people would feel the sting first and most severely.

Travis County residents share the same common need for competent, knowledgeable public servants who know how to make government work. I look forward to bringing my years of experience advocating for transparency, efficiency, and progressive solutions to the office of Travis County Judge

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