TCHD and the Funding of Abortion Services

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Many have contacted me regarding the sensitive and very personal topic of abortion services provided by contractors with the Travis County Healthcare District (TCHD). The issue understandably is an emotional one. Whether and to what extent abortion services will be included among the array of services provided by the TCHD is not my decision to make. That decision resides with the TCHD Board to which I have some say over the appointment of five out of the nine members.

To be clear, if the decision were mine to make I would support providing the full range of reproductive services, including abortion, to the individuals and families reliant on TCHD-funded providers. I strongly believe that reproductive health decisions reside with the individual rather than the government. I further believe that abortion services should remain among the baseline of healthcare services accessible to all irrespective of socioeconomic status.

I welcome the support of like minded folks on this issue. I also welcome the opposition of those who disagree. The division in views and the multiplicity in rationales for those views perfectly illustrates how personal and private this choice is and should remain.

– SE

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