The Clear Cut Difference in the Race for Travis County Judge

What do the representative of a private water company, a developer threatening the trinity aquifer, and the President of a California Redwood clear cutting corporation have in common? Donations to Andy Brown.

There’s a clear cut  difference between Sarah Eckhardt and her opponent.

Not only has Andy Brown’s campaign accepted money from Republican Formula One backers and boosters, but according to campaign finance reports his campaign has also accepted money from:

  • Ross Cummings, CEO of the private water company, BlueWater Systems;
  • Greg LaMantia, a large donor who worked with tea party State Senator Donna Campbell last session to get authority for large-scale development of an environmentally sensitive area over the objections of environmentalists and community advocates; and
  • Shawn Hurwitz, a big-time Houston Republican who gave big checks to Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney and now serves as the president of MAXXAM Inc., a company responsible for clearcutting massive swaths of California Redwood trees.

Travis County deserves a County Judge we can trust to hold polluters accountable and fight to preserve our air and water quality– a leader like Sarah. Sarah spearheaded the recently-passed zero-waste initiative at the Commissioners Court. She worked with her fellow Commissioners to craft the county’s first-ever Land, Water, and Transportation Plan. And she helped secure a $3.5 million settlement from developers who polluted Hamilton Pool. That’s the kind of leadership Sarah has shown on environmental issues as a public servant, and that’s the type of leadership people are looking for in their next County Judge.

You have a choice in this election. Sarah Eckhardt is the only candidate with a track record of holding polluters accountable and fighting to protect our resources.

Sarah’s opponent has spent a lot of time on this race talking about his support of the environment – unfortunately, his finance report tells a very different story. You can trust Sarah Eckhardt to protect our natural resources because she has a record of actually doing it. Join us today!

Supporting Information Below

Ross Cummings

  • According to Andy Brown’s January 15, 2014 Campaign Finance Report, Ross Cummings Donated $1000 on 10/22/2013 to Mr. Brown’s campaign for Travis County Judge.
  • Ross Cummings is listed as the President and General Partner of BlueWater Systems on the company’s website.
  • BlueWater Systems is a private water supplier that has been written about by Austin Business Journal and which has had business before the Travis County Commissioners Court.
  • According to a simple search of campaign finance information on the Texas Ethics Commission website, Mr. Cummings has recently donated to Rick Perry, Greg Abbott, and Barry Smitherman. Mr. Cummings also donated $2,500 to Rick Perry’s Presidential Campaign, according to

Greg Lamantia

  • According to Andy Brown’s July 15, 2013 Campaign Finance Report, Greg Lamantia Donated $2,500 on 2/15/2013 to Mr. Brown’s campaign for Travis County Judge.
  • Despite “near-unanimous local opposition,” according to the Texas Observer, state Rep. Jason Isaac and Sen. Donna Campbell carried legislation to create a Municipal Utility District (MUD) for Lamantia’s Needmore ranch. MUD’s are the precursor to large-scale development of an area. Alex Broun, geologist for the Hays Trinity Groundwater Con­ser­vation District, said at the time, “In the longer-term, large scale pumping from the Hays Trinity portion of Needmore Ranch could adversely affect Jacob’s Well and Blue Hole.”

Shawn Hurwitz