Travis County Jail's New Video Conferencing System

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Travis County Jail’s New Video Conferencing System

I am happy we approved an innovative video conferencing system for Travis County Jail inmates, their families and their lawyers this week. Thanks to the Austin American Statesman for their coverage: Video chatting to be available to Travis County jail inmates

If the new video conferencing system increases family ties boosts quality interaction with defense attorneys, public safety and justice will be better served. One caveat – the cost to the inmate and family is high – $20 per call. And, although TravCo pays nothing for the service, it gets roughly $4.50 from every video call. I will work to reduce that cost by eliminating the $4.50 profit share. Inmates are appropriately fined and assessed fees by the justice courts in light of the crimes for which they are convicted. TravCo should not seek to profit from their confinement, whether convicted or exonerated.

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