Travis County Plays Vital Role in Keeping Residents Safe

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Rain can come fast and with extraordinary force, and our thoughts go out to the many residents harmed by recent flooding. It’s also important to recognize the lifesaving contributions made by Travis County’s public safety personnel as the rain continues to fall through today.

Travis County plays a vital role in keeping Travis County residents safe. Although we are in a drought, flash flood is still the greatest natural disaster threat to the lives and property of Travis County residents.

Travis County is a founding partner in Combined Transportation and Emergency Communication Center (CTECC), combining all Law Enforcement, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services in a single dispatch facility resulting in effective and efficient response from the closest agency in times of flash flood and other disasters. Partners in CTECC include Travis County, the City of Austin and TxDOT.

Travis County services that are dispatched from CTECC include:

  • Travis County Sheriff’s Office;
  • Star Flight; and
  • The five Constables Offices

Travis County also partners with many other services dispatched from CTECC including: 

  • Austin/Travis County EMS; and
  • The 13 Emergency Services Districts, which are often the first responders to disasters outside the city limits of Austin

Travis County plans for and mitigates the potential loss of life and property from floods by:

  • Regulating what can be built in flood plains; diversion of storm water flows; and
  • Managing voluntary buy-outs of flood prone homes through a program offered by FEMA; and
  • Replacing substandard bridges and improving low-water crossings throughout the county

Sarah Eckhardt knows what threats we face from flash flood, drought, and wildfire. Sarah has the experience, courage and heart to address these challenges and keep our community safe. Click here for more information on what Sarah has already done to make Travis County a safer place to live, work, and raise a family.

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