UT’s Brackenridge Tract

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Married student housing in UT’s Brackenridge Tract along Lake Austin Blvd. deserves our support.  This is affordable, family friendly housing at its best – mixed race, multi-cultural, multi-generational, close to good schools, groceries, recreation and transit.  This is just the kind of mixed-income inner city development we claim to crave.  Additionally, the married student housing attracts the best graduate students from around the world to our university, to our city, to our public schools and to our neighborhood. The support that is coalescing around the married student housing is a beautiful example of people with a voice rallying around people with little voice.  The graduate students’ need our voices because:

  • Most are not from here;
  • None are wealthy;
  • All are in school, most are married, many have children

One example of the remarkable effects the married student housing has had on our community can be seen in the success of Mathews Elementary School.

  • 1/3 of the Mathews student body is from the married student housing
  • Mathews is a Title I school where over 50% of student body is on the free or reduced lunch program
  • The student body includes children from Brazil, Argentina, China, Korea, Russia, Viet Nam, and many other countries.  Currently Portuguese is the second most common language spoken in the homes of Mathews students.

Mathews’ school slogan is “We Educate the World.” By retaining and expanding the married student housing, University of Texas can continue to boast the same.

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