Women And Families Can Count On Sarah Eckhardt

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Sarah Eckhardt is a public servant and working mother who understands that County Government plays an important role in the lives of Travis County women and families. In her tenure as a County Commissioner and her work as a County Attorney, Sarah has advocated for programs that provide women support, equality, and opportunity.

Making a Difference for Women and Families

  • Success by 6  – Supported program that sends social workers to new moms for one-on-one parenting classes through baby’s first six months.Making a Difference for Women and Families
  • HUB Vendors – Initiated diversity study to ensure that Travis County is a leader in contracting with women and minority owned businesses.
  • Mobile Social Workers – Supported a program that sends social workers into underserved communities to provide Travis County residents with support in their neighborhoods.
  • County Pay Equity – Made sure that women at the managerial level were paid the same as their male counterparts. Also, advocated for parity in the domestic partnership program.
  • Planet Safe – Helped create a safe venue for parents embroiled in domestic violence or difficult custody cases to have a neutral place to visit with children.
  • Reproductive Care – Advocated for full spectrum reproductive health services through Central Health.
  • Domestic Violence – As a County Attorney, Sarah secured protective orders for victims of domestic violence.
  • Voter ID – Served on County’s legislative committee in order to stand in opposition to legislation that disproportionately affects women, seniors, people of color and students.
  • Better Sex Education – Sarah serves on the Texas Freedom Network Board, an organization dedicated to beating back the religious right and help improve sex education in Texas

Travis County Women Can Count on Sarah Eckhardt!

The next Travis County Judge needs to be ready to deliver real solutions to difficult problems that face women and their families on DAY ONE. Sarah Eckhardt has the experience, courage, and heart to do just that! Join us today at www.saraheckhardt.com, visit us on Facebook, or email us at sarah@saraheckhardt.com.

Women with Sarah

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