Sarah Eckhardt is honored to have been re-elected to a second term as Travis County Judge in 2018. Judge Eckhardt proudly represents 1.3 million county residents. She presides over the Commissioners Court.

With deep roots in Austin and Travis County, Judge Eckhardt has dedicated her life in public service to improving access to opportunity for Travis County families for 20 years.

After receiving an LBJ School Master of Public Affairs and law degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Judge Eckhardt worked for eight years as an Assistant Travis County Attorney.  In 2006, she was elected to represent Precinct 2 on the Commissioners Court and re-elected in 2010.

With her leadership, Judge Eckhardt addresses the major issues that face Travis County residents.  She works to ensure that our community is green, healthy, just and mobile.

Through her service on the Transportation Policy Board of the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) and leadership in Project Connect, Judge Eckhardt advocates for an efficient network of sidewalks, bike lanes and transit, as well as roads — as well as equitable and sustainable ways to pay for them. Judge Eckhardt serves as Chair-elect on the Texas Conference of Urban Counties (CUC) Board of Directors, and she is also a member of the CUC Policy Committee. Travis County is one of 37 CUC member counties that represent approximately 80% of the population of Texas.  

Judge Eckhardt is a member of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, a group of regional stakeholders including the District Attorney, County Attorney, Chief of Police, Sheriff and members of the judiciary.  She has led efforts to reform the DNA lab, reform mental and behavioral health services in our community and create Travis County’s first Public Defender’s Office. Judge Eckhardt believes that Justice for All requires continued and unflinching analysis of our criminal and civil justice numbers. Numbers tell an important story that will not change unless we listen.

With her commitment to criminal and social justice, Judge Eckhardt continuously works to leverage our community’s mutual resources to collectively improve social, health, educational and economic opportunities.

Judge Eckhardt works to protect the region’s air quality as a member of the Clean Air Coalition and she works to build collaborative solutions to our sustainable water future by working with an alliance of our neighbors.

By statute, Judge Eckhardt serves on the Travis County Bail Bond Board, the Travis County Juvenile Board and as CEO of Workforce Solutions Capital Area. In partnership with co-CEO Austin Mayor Steve Adler, Judge Eckhardt launched the Austin Metro Area Master Community Workforce Plan, with a focus on a middle-skills initiative objective of 10,000 residents currently living at or below 200 percent of poverty securing middle-skill jobs by 2021.

As a private citizen, Judge Eckhardt serves on the Texas Freedom Network’s Board of Directors and the LBJ School Dean’s Advisory Council.

On the vital issues of the economy and equity, Judge Eckhardt seeks a level playing field for Travis County taxpayers and working families to help relieve the property tax burden on our most vulnerable neighbors. Judge Eckhardt’s agenda includes collaboration with other taxing entities in Travis County, with the goal of increased transparency and fairness in taxation.

Judge Eckhardt learned public service and a commitment to Central Texas from her late mother Nadine — aide to Lyndon Johnson and Molly Ivins, and a mother of four — and her father, the late Congressman Bob Eckhardt. Judge Eckhardt is a proud mother of a college freshman and high school junior.