Get to know Sarah Eckhardt

Senator Eckhardt was honored to be elected to serve the people of SD 14 after serving two terms as Travis County Judge, where she represented 1.3 million county residents.

With deep roots in Austin and Travis County, Senator Eckhardt has dedicated her life to public service for two decades. She looks forward to continuing this service.

Together, we can make life better for Travis and Bastrop County families.

About Sarah

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Recover our Health and our Economy from COVID-19

The Governor has failed to lead. His orders have come too late, have commanded too little adaptation and have cost too many lives. He will continue blaming his failure on others until we remove him from office. Meanwhile, locals have stepped in with decisions and dollars. But locals cannot sustain these efforts and investments indefinitely. This is an All-Hands-on-Deck moment requiring federal, state and local partnership.

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Criminal Justice Reform

The racism and over-policing in our country are deep and predate George Floyd’s murder by centuries. Here are three things to fix our problems. First, move public investments off of policing and onto programs that provide opportunity in education, healthcare and jobs for everyone. Second, stop militarizing and federalizing what should be local community policing. And third, investigate and prosecute cops who commit crimes with independence, transparency and consequence.

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Address Climate Change and Protect our Drinking Water

We need State level leadership on Climate Change and especially protection of our drinking water. With overwhelming evidence that Climate Change is real and human-driven, we must act fast and with systemic reforms to preserve our land, air and water. At the local level, Bastrop and Travis Counties have already experienced increased flooding, prolonged drought, wildfires and increased days of triple digit temperatures. And we are expected to double in population over the next 30 years bringing further loss of green space, straining our limited drinking water supply, increasing tailpipe emissions and increasing waste.

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