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Sarah Eckhardt was honored to have been re-elected to a second term as Travis County Judge in 2018. As County Judge, she proudly represented 1.3 million county residents and presided over the Commissioners Court.

With deep roots in Austin and Travis County, Judge Eckhardt has dedicated her life to public service for 20 years. She looks forward to continuing this service and asks for your support to become our next State Senator.

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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is a sharp and heavy sword that must be wielded with skill and precision, and only when public safety demands it. Our Travis County collaboration — law enforcement, prosecution, judiciary, justice planners and more — utilizes multiple approaches to make sure our criminal justice system is effective, efficient and fair; that it is no larger than necessary; and that involvement in the criminal justice system is only as onerous as public safety demands.


Our collective responsibility for property taxes has been unfairly heaped on the backs of those least able to pay. With our booming economy we have the resources to achieve a truly shared prosperity for all. Too few of the hard-working families in Eastern Travis County have access to a good education and a job with decent wages and benefits. Families in North East and South East Travis County deserve to share in the prosperity that they helped build.


Transportation mobility and accessibility is vital to our daily lives and livelihoods. We will work with the City of Austin, Capital Metro and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority to expedite construction of transportation corridors and to expand transit beyond the current Capital Metro service area.

Natural Resources

We live in one of the most beautiful places in the state, if not the country. We have a strong tradition on which to build sustained preservation and increased respect and access by residents of and visitors to Travis County.